We wanted David to tell us a little bit about him, so we asked some questions.

What do you do. Do you have any family and do any of them play golf?
I’m a retired teacher. None of my close family plays now, though my daughter Melanie would have been very good if she had kept it up. She used to play golf with Lee Westwood in her school days at Worksop.

When did you take up golf and how often do you play now?
Believe it or not way back in the 70s, just playing with friends on pitch & putt. I now play about four times a week – happy retirement.

What is your handicap?
21 at the moment, but it may go down a bit now! I did get to 14/15 at Chesterton back in 1988 to 1992. I’ve never been a great player, just an honest trier.

What is it you like about NOGC? Why are you a member here as opposed to another club?
I joined in 2009, just before Mick French’s Captain’s year, as we were always good friends back at Chesterton. I love NOGC and all it stands for. I held a committee post for three years and was social chairman for four years. I would have liked to have gone on to be Captain, but the position hasn’t arisen as yet.

What is your favourite hole on the course at NOGC and why?
5th, 6th and 13th. They are all difficult for me but I like the challenge of them.

Which hole do you find most challenging and why?
7th and 8th. As I draw the ball, these two tee shots don’t suit me.

Can you describe one of the most important shots you played to win the 2015 Presidents Putter?
Third shot at the 3rd, just got over the water from the 150 yard marker and put it 9 feet from the pin. Plus of course the up and down on the last. I found it very humbling that so many people had stayed to watch and that they cheered the way they did.

What do you put your success down to?
I really can’t say. Sometimes I walk in with a Nil Return and am totally fed up with myself. Golf really is a strange game.

What has been your best moment in golf?
Off the course, it was being Captain at my previous club, Rickmansworth Watford, in 1998. On the course, winning the NOGC President’s Putter beats anything I’ve ever done with a golf club in my hand.

14th June 2019

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