Jane has been a member of North Oxford only since February this year, although her association with the club goes back some decades.

Jane is married and has three children and four grandchildren. Although her husband and none of her children are golfers her two grandsons, aged 14 and 17, both love to have a go when they have the opportunity. Jane told us “like most youngsters they seem to have a natural ability – annoyingly” And her nine-year-old twin granddaughters are showing some interest too.

Jane is retired now, but was a teacher of the deaf and Paediatric Audiologist nearly all her working life and was latterly Head of Paediatric Audiology and Cochlea Implant Co-ordinator (the cochlea is a key part of the inner ear) first at The Radcliffe Infirmary and then at The John Radcliffe Hospital.

How it all began
Jane started golfing in her 30s by having lessons here at North Oxford and playing with the Golf Society of what was then The Radcliffe Infirmary. She then joined Buckingham Golf Club a little nearer to where she lived. At that time she also enjoyed a few golfing holidays to Portugal with a group of friends, but also played from time to time at North Oxford.

Then as family and work life took over (as it often does) she pretty much stopped playing for about 20 years.

Once she found that she had more time she started to think about golf again, however she’d started to have some problems with her knees and could only manage one or two holes at a time. Thankfully modern medicine enabled her to receive operations on both knees and now there’s no holding her back.

Joining North Oxford
At first Jane joined our club as a Lifestyle member but quickly realised she was going to play more often than that membership provided for – so she soon upgraded to a full membership, and hasn’t looked back since.

Here at our club the ladies section have been very welcoming and Jane now finds she could have an invitation to play every day if she wanted to. At the moment she’s very happy playing two to three times a week and is hopeful her handicap will drop down from its current position of 36.

Her least favourite hole here at North Oxford is the 13th – “It’s very long, has a very tough green and those bunkers are just in the wrong place” she says. Her favourite hole is the 17 because she told us “I just think it’s beautiful”

Beyond the golf course
When Jane’s not playing golf she enjoys reading, music, walking and spending time with friends. She’s also keen on sewing of all types and is a member of a patchwork and quilting group. As well as all this Jane’s very involved with a couple of local charities – The Oxfordshire Deaf Children’s Society and Jennies Children’s Trust. You can find out more about each one on their websites.

Say hello
It’s great to hear that Jane has experienced a warm welcome – remember although Jane now knows a good number of people at our club, do look out for her and anybody you don’t recognise and say hello.

14th June 2019

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