Playing in a competition is easy once you know how.

If you want to play in any competition, first arrange for another NOGC member to play with you to mark your card. To help with this speak to our Professional or our General Manager. Once you have a fellow member or members to play with, just arrange which day and time to play – most weekend competitions, for example, you can play on either the Saturday or the Sunday.

Meet at the club with the members you’re playing with and pay your entry fee in the Pro-shop. Tell the Pro-shop your handicap and they’ll give you an official scorecard. Swap your scorecard with one of your playing partners and you’ll need to mark their card for them. Once you’ve completed your round check both the scorecard you’ve been marking and your own scorecard and then sign them both.

In the clubhouse there’s a touchscreen to enter your score, and a wooden box next to it. Tap your score on each hole into the machine and then put your card in the box (if the machine is not working then just put your card in the box).

Ladies Open 2020
24th April.

Entries now open

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