Our new captains’ Drive-In went well on Saturday 6th December. We look forward to a great year ahead with Dave Titcombe, Trish Traynor and Jordan Tucker. Thank you to all those who supported them last weekend.


Dave’s drive was 207 yards…  but it did hit a tree!



“Super Gran” Trish Traynor drove into office on Saturday 3rd December with her “Committee Babes”. She drove 147yards 2ft (on the fairway) and the winner who guessed her drive yardage was Mick French.


Jordan thinks he hit his drive about 400 yards. However nobody could be sure as he hit it straight right… into the road. It’s quite a nerve wracking experience and Jordan said “a lot of the members were chanting “Speith” as my name’s Jordan and I was wearing Under Armour (the same brand that Speith wears)”.  Mind you he did win the Texas Scramble in the morning so we know he can play!

Ladies Open 2020
24th April.

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