Stuart Newstead rounded off his 2016 when he aced the 11th in the New Year’s Eve Stableford competition.  Propelled by a nine-iron tee shot, Stuart’s ball flew into the hole on the full with a mighty cracking noise that nearly deafened the players on the 13th green. It was a joyous (if expensive) way for Stuart to sign off his last card of the year.

See our list of all our ‘Hole in One’ winners in 2016:

11th hole: John Nicholson – 28th February 2016
6th hole:  Mike Lewis – 23rd June 2016
6th hole:  Lee Jackson – 13th July 2016
2nd hole:  Robbie Nicholson – 27th July 2016
10th hole: Michael Tippett – 7th August 2016
11th hole:  Mervyn Green – 28th August 2016
11th hole: Stuart Newstead – 31st December 2016

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