You may have seen that Cherwell District Council has been running a public consultation on the long-term housing needs for the District.  Your MC has submitted a formal written response to the questions in the consultation.
Each council round the country has a target number of homes to be provided by 2031. If a council cannot meet its target, then it is meant to work with neighbouring councils to share that shortfall.
Cherwell District Council is consulting about its share of the “Oxford Unmet Need” – the number of houses short of Oxford City’s target.  Cherwell’s share is 4400.
The consultation is very detailed and very complex, with more than 20 specific questions to be answered. As part of the consultation, Cherwell asked landowners to submit packages of land as possible development areas. Dozens of sites have been submitted. Our leased land is on two of those submissions.
Your MC had already appointed a Working Party of Rob Jackson, John Fissenden, Stuart Newstead and David Young to handle our lease negotiations with our landlords (Oxford University Press, Exeter College, Merton College). This same Working Party has written our formal response, which you can read here. We expect a further consultation in the spring, so will keep you posted as we learn more.

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