The consistency, performance and presentation of the bunkers at NOGC is currently below the standard we’d hope and expect. Having taken expert advice, the greens team is starting a large work program to improve the bunkers. We begin on Monday 23rd January and will be concentrating on three projects:

  • We will remove the black terram base linings (some have been removed already).
  • We will remove 50% of the current bunker sand and add an equal amount of new heavier sand. This 50/50 mix of sand will give a firm base and a more consistent surface to play from.  We have contacted and visited other local clubs that have done this work in exactly the same way and been delighted with the outcome.
  • The damaged edges of the bunkers will be re-turfed in March/April where needed, as soon as the weather allows.
The details

The specification and performance of the bunkers when the new heavy grained sand is mixed with the current sand will be very different from the way the bunkers currently look and perform.  Currently the sand is very soft, very deep and bottomless. After the work the sand will be much more compact. It will have a firm base (approx one inch) like wet sand on a beach as the tide rolls out.  Above the firm base of the bunker will be a surface of half to three quarters of an inch of softer dryer sand. The faces of the bunker will have the minimal amount of sand on them, to ensure the golf ball does not plug in the face but releases back to the base of the bunker.

This work will take several months to complete, and we are of course very reliant on the weather being on our side!  The work on the greenside bunkers will be completed before we then go onto work on the fairway bunkers. This is a very large project and a potential distraction from the day to day work that is required. We will ensure that the vital regular day to day course maintenance work is continued.

The colour of the heavier grained sand is a blue/grey. We will have to use some space in the car park to store the sand temporarily before working with it. The sand is expensive. Our car park provides a firm and clean surface, which reduces the risk of contamination and therefore wasted sand.

Occasional temporary greens

We will probably need to use a temporary green at times when work is being carried on a hole. Just one temporary green will be in play at any one time, if needed.

If you have any questions about this project please don’t hesitate to call into the office.

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