With only one round of the 2016/2017 Winter Challenge left to play, it’s all looking very close at the top.

The results of round 8 of the Winter Challenge.

1st – Keith Alder and Roger Brock (43 points)
2nd – Gary Watts and Steve Horne (41 points CB)
3rd –  Ant Kelly and John Thorne (41 points)

The top five pairs in the overall Winter Challenge have not changed from last week.

1st –  Mark Wharton and Paul Barrow (215 points)
2nd – Dan Mills & Oliver Warner (214 points)
3rd – Colin Varney and Mark Cooper (213 points)
4th – Paul Hollow and Ben Tobin (213 points)
5th – Paul Baker and David Dobson (210 points)

After nine rounds have been played the top 16 pairs will qualify for the knockout stage. Then after four match-play games the winners will eventually be crowned.

Good luck to all the pairs for the final round this weekend.

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