Before the start of the main playing season the men’s handicap committee have met to review all male members handicaps.  The CONGU (England Golf) system supplies the data with recommendations for the committee to review and make adjustments to members handicap where deemed necessary.  A list of the adjustments will be posted on the notice board in the Men’s locker room on Monday 6th February.
Members need to have handed in three score cards during the year to maintain an active playing handicap and be assessed for a review.  A list of players with inactive handicaps will be posted on the notice board in the Men’s locker room. Supplementary score cards can be completed by members to make up the necessary three score cards required.  Simply call into the pro’s shop, advise, Lee or Robbie that you are doing a supplementary score card and then ask one of your playing partners to complete the card and then return the signed score card to the Pro shop for input into the system.  It is worth the effort if your handicap becomes inactive as you are ineligible for any competitions at the club or at other courses. You will need to complete three score cards and be re-assessed to get a handicap and competition entry playing rights!
Under the new CONGU system, handicaps can be continually reviewed. If you have any change of circumstance, illness, injury etc, please email the Pro shop or office and a review by the Handicap Committee will be made.  If you have any questions or concerns at anytime regarding your handicap please do not hesitate to contact the Pro shop or office.

Ladies Open 2020
24th April.

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