Remember your members diaries are now ready to collect from the office. Did you know there are over 1650 calendar entries in 2017 – we’re a very active club. There have been a few changes to some dates since the diary went to print. Here are the main events you may wish to change/add to your diary:

May Medal: 29th & 30th April

Men’s Club Championship:15th & 16th July (moved from 29th & 30th July)

Norman Jones Round 1 (Church Cup): 22nd & 23rd July (moved from 15th & 16th July)

Norman Jones Round 2 (Thornton Cup): 29th & 30th July (moved from 22nd & 23rd July)

Ladies EG Medal (13) &  Alt Sydney Harrison Cup: 29th July (moved from 15th July)

It’s always worth checking the two calendars on our website as these will be up to date.

Ladies Open 2020
24th April.

Entries now open

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