We promised you some detail about free guest green-fee vouchers for those who renewed their membership in good time.

Rather than produce physical paper vouchers we’re now adding your free guest green-fees onto your club card – the same card you use at the clubhouse bar. ‘Points’ will be added to your cards by Tuesday 2nd May.

How many vouchers will I get?

If you renewed your membership by 7th March then you will get six guest vouchers. If you renewed your membership by 31st March then you will get three guest vouchers. Please note the membership benefit of guest green-fee vouchers applies to all membership categories except Lifestyle, Country and under 18’s membership categories.

How will I use the vouchers?

If you’re entitled to six guest vouchers then six ‘points’ will be added to your clubcard by 2nd May. Each time you take a guest to play on the course you should hand your clubcard to one of our team in the Customer Centre who will accept the points on your card. These points will reduce (one for each green-fee) appropriately. So for example if you have six points on your card and then take two visitors to play the course, your points will reduce from six to four.

If you’re entitled to three guest vouchers then three ‘points’ will be added to your card and the system will work in the same way.

Membership bag tags

Your membership bag tag should be available to collect when you next visit the club. Please ask for details in our Customer Centre.

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