As you know we’re a forward looking club and so we’ve been changing the old shop area to provide a better service for both members and visitors.

We’ve renamed the old shop area the Golf Reception and it will be the hub for all things golf related. We’re aiming to provide an excellent service here for both members and visitors.

To deliver this customer service Sue is now based in the Golf Reception to continue the same role as before. Robbie is now employed by your club and has responsibility for administering club competitions alongside his assistant golf professional duties. Lee is enjoying focusing on the coaching and the fitting studio and is very busy. Be sure to book your lessons well in advance to get the day and time you want.

Clearly we’re always looking to manage the finances of any work effectively and so we’ve sold the old simulator, subject to contract, which covers two thirds of the cost of the work in the Golf Reception. This means the club’s investment in the changes is very low.

The transformation from golf shop to Golf Reception has been quick and so a big thanks to both Lee and Adam Bishop for their help in making it happen.

Ladies Open 2020
24th April.

Entries now open

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