We’re always looking to improve the way your club’s finances are run, so to help with this, if you pay by Direct Debit, when you next renew your membership there’ll be a couple of changes.

Currently if you pay your membership by Direct Debit you make 12 monthly payments at the end of each month. From your next renewal (so April 2018 in the majority of cases) Direct Debit payments will be over the first ten months of the subscription period.

Direct Debit payments are currently taken on the last day of each month. From your next renewal point payments will be taken on the first day of each month.

For most members renewal is not until next April so nothing will change before then, and we’ll keep you informed nearer that time. However for new members and members that renew at different times in the year (and that pay by Direct Debit) you’ll be reminded of these change when it comes to your renewal.

If you have any questions please speak to your General Manager, Philip.

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