It’s been a very busy week again, cutting grass and picking up a lot of debris following the storms that swept across the course on Tuesday.  We’ve also verti cut the greens again to help thin out the considerable growth and reduce the grass seed.

You’ll notice from the picture above that we’ve removed the trees behind the Centenary Garden – unfortunately the trees were past saving, but we plan to replant some new trees in the autumn.

Improving greens drainage

We always want the quality of our greens to be as good as possible, and so we’ve commissioned some drainage work on the 1st, 6th and 16th greens. When the work will start in early October there’ll be a short period of temporary greens on these holes.

To carry out this important work your Management Committee have engaged Whitehorse Contractors. They are a leading golf course construction and drainage company who will install new greens drainage into the 1st, 6th and 16th greens.

This work follows on from our agronomist’s visit and his recommendations which explained the drainage in these three greens is completely ineffective. Without carrying out this work we would continue to have to use temporary greens on these holes for longer periods each winter as the years go by.

In addition to the drainage work we plan to remove and reduce trees around the back of the 6th and 16th greens to allow more light and air flow onto these greens, and we’ve already cut channels at the back of these greens to remove the tree roots that grow under the surface of the greens. We’re confident that these actions will considerably improve the play-ability of these greens for many years.

The work is scheduled to start on Monday October 9th and will take two to three weeks to complete. While the work is carried out temporary greens will be in play on these holes and for some time after, to allow the greens to recover.  The recovery period is very reliant on the weather, so we’ve chosen this time of year to have minimal impact on your golf, but also to give us a good chance of having a reasonable period of grass growth to help the recovery before the winter sets in.

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