Your green-keeping team have been very busy recently, and we have some significant greens drainage work coming up on the second week of October.

The team have continued to lightly dress the greens following the recent greens maintenance work, and they’ve also cut lot’s of grass all over the course again this week. There’s still an unusually high amount of growth in the grass for this time of year, which is great but does add to the weekly work load for the team when other autumn work on the course is also needed.

Our agronomist, David Stansfield, visited the club again this week and will produce a report for us over the next couple of weeks that we’ll share with you as soon as possible. His summary message on the day was that he was pleased with the progress we’ve made with course, particularly the overall health of the greens.

Drainage work on three greens
Earlier in the year we explained that we’d be doing some significant work on some of the greens in October – that time is fast approaching.

In the week of Monday 9th October we’ll be starting the work on three greens (the 1st, 6th and 16th). It’s is the right time to do this work because the summer playing season is drawing to a close and we can get the work done and some significant recovery before the winter weather and subsequent lack of growth in the grass.

Specialist work for a major project
This is a major project for the club and we’ll be working with Whitehorse, a leading drainage contractor with many years experience of this type work. As an example of level of expertise we’ll be using specialist machinery to laser position the drainage on the greens.  The work will take approximately two weeks, but is reliant on reasonable weather conditions due to the size and quantity of machinery – if it gets too wet the work can be delayed.

While they’re working on each of the three greens, that hole will use a temporary green positioned away from the work area. And once the work is finished each green will still be out of play, and temporary greens used, for around 3-5 weeks (sorry). This allows them to settle and recover from the work and means your greens team can continue to work on them and monitor recovery.

Details for you to see
Whitehorse have already surveyed the greens and so we’ll put drawings of the planned work on the clubhouse notice board for your interest. Although this drainage work will cause some disruption for a few weeks it will ensure that these three greens, historically the worst performing in wet conditions, will be much healthier and more playable all year round.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to speak with Philip our General Manager.

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