We’ve continued to work on the drainage lines on the 1st, 6th and 16th greens and the recovery continues to go well. The good news is that we’re still expecting to re-introduce the greens for play before Christmas.

We’ve aerated the other greens and have continued with leaf collecting and our weekly cutting program.  Work on the ladies 3rd tee and men’s 18th tee is starting and you can see a timeline with detail for this work here:

Project manager : Phil Plater


  • To increase the size of the ladies 3rd tee to 5 metres wide and make it level.
  • To double the size of the men’s 18th tee and make it level.

Week beginning the 6th November

  • Move men’s 18th tee to ladies tee while the work is carried out.
  • Move the ladies 3rd tee to the men’s tee while work is carried out.
  • Identify and mark irrigation pipes and heads.
  • Build up base soil level on 3rd and 18th
  • Order 15 tons of top soil for delivery Monday 13th
  • Remove marked trees from behind and beside tee, remove stump from tree next to tee before covering.

Week beginning the 13th November

  • Machine level both tee areas.
  • Set top soil level and compact.
  • Clear shed and hedge between the 3rd and 18th
  • Order turf for delivery 1st

Week beginning the 4th December

  • Further compact the turf.
  • Install new turf to both tees.
  • Reset irrigation heads.

If you have any questions please speak to your General Manager Philip.

Ladies Open 2020
24th April.

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