On Tuesday 16th of January the Men’s Handicap Committee met for the Annual Handicap Review for 2017. All the required data for 2017 was pulled from our Club V1 system which makes recommendations for adjustment to Members handicaps. The Committee discussed all the information and have made recommendations for both increases and decreases to a number of Members Handicaps in accordance with the CONGU regulations. These Members have now been informed of the recommendations of the Committee and there is also a list of these changes, both in the Golf Reception and in the Men’s Locker Rooms.

There will also be a list published of those Members who now have a lapsed or non-competitive handicap. This simply means that you have not submitted the required 3 qualifying scores in 2017 to maintain a competitive handicap. All members need to have a competitive handicap if they wish to enter any Club Competition or Club Knockout in 2018. This is very easy to obtain, simply complete 1,2 or 3 qualifying scores depending on how many you submitted during 2017 to make it up to the required 3 scores. These scores will not give you a new handicap, they will simply be used to justify and confirm your current handicap.   As soon as you do this your handicap will become competitive again allowing you to enter into Club Competitions and Knockouts for 2018.

Members should keep in mind that anyone is entitled to request that the Handicap Committee review their handicap throughout the year. All we ask is that you contact a member of the Handicap Committee to make us aware that you would like your handicap to be reviewed. We will then ask you to submit 3 Supplementary Scores that have been sanctioned by a member of staff in the Golf Reception prior to going out on the course. These Supplementary Cards can be played in either Stableford or Medal format. All we ask is that you hole out on every hole and that the card is signed by the player and a marker and then handed back in to the Golf Reception after play. We can then use these 3 scores, as well as your previous handicap record to make a recommendation for a new handicap.

The Handicap Committee would like to wish all Members of NOGC a successful golfing year and to keep in mind that we are always available to help with any queries or questions regarding handicaps.

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