In February you’ll receive your invitation to renew your membership. This year, if you commit to two years then your rate will be fixed for those two years (seasons 2018/19 and 2019/20). In other words you’ll pay the same next year as you do this year.

The club lease

We understand that some of you may have concerns about the club’s lease, so to reassure you the Management Committee will issue a certificate of guarantee whereby members will get their money back in full in the unlikely event that the club closes. Your MC would also like to emphasise that they’re fully committed to continuing to invest in the course and the club.

Improvements to your course and clubhouse

You’ll have seen that last year we made significant improvements to the interior and exterior of the clubhouse, and undertook some significant course improvements. This spring and summer you can enjoy the benefits of this work as the course reaches peak condition.

Growing your club

Your club will continue marketing with the specific aim of maintaining a suitable number of members and of generating income so we can continue to improve your club for years to come.

You’ll get more details from us leading up to your invitation to renew in early February.

Note: Guest green-fee vouchers do not apply to membership categories Lifestyle, Junior or social.

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