We’ve been able to get out and cut the greens and tees this week, and we’ve also cleared the main ditch that runs across the course from the 6th to the 3rd. The 6th green is now back in play and the 1st green will follow shortly.

We’re delighted with the firmness of the greens that had the new drainage installed – they’re definitely firmer and the drainage is working well. We have some brown fusarium patches on some greens. When lifting the turf for the drainage to be installed we suffered an attack of fusarium growth. Fusarium is a fungus that lies dormant in the ground and is triggered by temperature and moisture, so is especially likely to come out when turf is rolled up. It wasn’t possible to treat the lifted turf and so these greens are the most affected. The fusarium is now dormant and it’s only the leaf of the grass that is affected, the roots are fine, and the areas affected will recover quickly when the grass starts to grow.


Ladies Open 2020
24th April.

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