The greens have been feed this week to help stimulate growth.

We have also cleared the area behind the 9th tee and used the material to create a base for the proposed banks behind the 6th green. This area will be shaped and then covered with top soil and seeded with grass, wild flowers and possibly shrubs to further cover the green keepers compound from view. The green keepers compound area is now clearly marked by blue stakes. If you are within the compound area, you must take no penalty relief at the nearest point not nearer to the hole. Please note that the ditch behind the 14th green is in play and is not within the green keepers compound area for free relief.

The paths around the course have been given a tidy up and the tree bark and tree stumps have been cleared. These areas are marked as GUR. When we have growth we will seed these areas to speed up the recovery.

Ladies Open 2020
24th April.

Entries now open

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