A very big thank you to all members for your patience and understanding during this recent period of challenging weather, difficult course playing conditions and times that the course has been partially or fully closed. Hopefully next week we will see the start of spring.  We’ve been able to cut some areas of the course this week, other areas are still too wet to be cut.

13th hole

We recently met with a drainage expert to seek advice and guidance on the challenge we face on the 13th fairway which has been extremely wet this winter. We now believe that the old land drains are blocked or damaged and no longer work effectively. We’re waiting for detailed costings to carry out repair work as soon as the fairway can be accessed by machinery. The estimate seems reasonable and the results promise to be very acceptable. There’s no short term fix this summer but we do expect the fairway to dry out and recover well. Any work carried out will be to make sure that next winter the 13th is much dryer to play on.

6th mound

The mound behind the 6th green is work in progress. It’s been too wet to work on, but it’s planned that topsoil will be applied, further shaping done and then turfing, seeding and possibly planting of small shrubs done to cover off more of the green keepers compound.


The fusarium (dark patches on the greens) is showing signs of recovery. This disease only effects the leaf of the plant, the roots are still healthy. As soon as we get some good growth and can lower the cut of the green the recovery should be rapid.

Ladies Open 2020
24th April.

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