All members are warmly invited to next Thursday’s Open Forum, where we’ll discuss:

  • the latest on our leases and the planning consultations
  • what options we, as members, might want to consider for a payout structure if the club does close at some point in the future
  • developments on the course and in the clubhouse.

The agenda for Thursday is:

  1. Update on leases and planning consultation
  2. Discussion of options for a payout structure in the event that NOGC closes in the future
  3. Developments on the course
  4. Developments in the clubhouse
  5. AOB
The question of a payout structure will go to December’s AGM for all members to vote on, and we’d like to use the time before then, including the two Open Forums, to explore ideas and options.
For this Open Forum we’ll break down the structure into three parts, each of which will have up to 10 minutes discussion, plus 10 minutes on any other points that we may have missed. The purpose of the discussion is to gather your views about the pros and cons of the different options, so that your MC can develop these ideas further and present a more detailed set of options at the October Forum, and then a specific Resolution for the AGM to vote on. The three parts are:
  • (a) which membership categories should be eligible for a payout – eg full 7-Day & 5-Day; or all voting categories; or all playing categories; or all members
  • (b) what should be the cutoff date for eligibility – based on the date that golf officially finishes at NOGC Ltd, if such a date happens:  eg any eligible member on that date; or any eligible member who has been a member for at least three years on that date; or any eligible member who is a member on the date of the AGM that approves the rule change; or something else
  • (c) what is fair and manageable – eg eligible members receive an equal share of any payout; or eligible members receive a share that is related to how many continuous years they have been a member; or eligible members receive a share that is related to how much they pay for their subscription plus how much they spend on their clubcard; or something else.

If you have any questions please speak to a member of your Management Committee. Thank you.

Ladies Open 2020
24th April.

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