Dave Dobson is organising a World Cup prediction league to help us raise money for the Joint Captains’ Charities. It’s £5 to enter and at least 25% of the entrance monies will be returned as cash prizes. He has already had over 50 entries signed up for the league so the ‘lucky’ winner is set to receive over £50.

All you have to do is predict the result of each of the 64 matches which are going to be played during the tournament and whether each will be a home win, an away win or a draw (or in the knockout stages decided by penalties). You’ll be able to change any prediction up to the time of kick off on the day of the match and follow your progress on a regularly published league table – all driven by email. If you have not yet entered and would like to receive the details please complete the form at the link below by Wednesday 13th June for at least the first round of group stage games.

Anyone can enter and win so please encourage your friends and family (including children) to have a go.

To enter, complete the form below and you’ll  be sent an email with all the details, including how to make your initial predictions for the group stages.


World Cup Prediction League Entry Form

Ladies Open 2020
24th April.

Entries now open

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