Keith Green, a former member at NOGC recently came back for a game of golf.  Here, you can see picture of Keith throwing a ball into the pond on the third in memory of his dad Tom Green who was a member for many years in the 70s and 80s before he passed away in 1990.

Tom used to play with Dickie Bird, Jack Amor, Graham Amor, Gordon Hill, Ron Hookham and a few more. His Uncle Den Green was a member for years until about 2010. Keith was a junior member in the 70s but football and cricket took over. Keith’s Dad always joked before he was taken ill that he lost so many balls in the pond on the third he wanted his ashes put in there. And we would have except when the A34 was extended up to new M40 there was talk of taking the top end of the golf course off, so we didn’t – now whenever I play the third I always throw a ball in the pond for dad.

When I played on Thursday I was just off the green in two and chipped in for a birdie – there was a bit of divine intervention there I think. When we played it was also great to see Brian England, Mens Captain as dad and I knew Jack his dad, and I’ve known Brian for years.

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24th April.

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