To raise funds for the Captain’s Charities Martin Wathes and Darren Hodgson would like to invite you to guess the outcome of their new putting competition. It’s just one pound to enter and the winner will receive 50% of the pot.

The competition is Martin Wathes vs Darren Hodgson, our Pro. On Saturday 29th September from 7:30am they will both make their way around our course from green to green making as few putts as possible and as quickly as possible. Members and guests are invited to guess what the time difference between them will be.


  • This is a timed competition – the lowest time wins
  • Darren Hodgson walks the course over 18 holes, he is not allowed to run. Martin Wathes runs the course over 18 holes.
  • Both players must  walk/run through the white tee markers, on each hole to get to the green to putt.
  • Both players putt from the edge of the green (centre to the tee).
  • For every putt Martin makes over two, 5 minutes is added to his time.
  • For every ‘one’ putt Darren makes, 5 minutes is taken off his time.

Entry is just £1 and the winner receives 50% of the Pot, with the other 50% going to the Captain’s Charities:

Sign up at the bar now.

The captain’s charities are:

Ladies Open 2020
24th April.

Entries now open

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