Your General Manager and Management Committee look forward to welcoming you to our NOGC Open Forum on Thursday 25th October at 7pm in the clubhouse.

The agenda for Thursday is:
  • Developments on the course and in the clubhouse
  • Proposal for a payout structure, to be taken to AGM for voting
  • Update on leases and planning consultation
  • Update on Club’s finances
  • AOB
Payout structure

The question of a payout structure is based on a scenario of NOGC closing down.  Clearly this may not happen.  The proposed structure will go to December’s AGM for all members to vote on, so that members have as much certainty as possible during these uncertain times.  At the May Open Forum, your MC presented for discussion some principles and options for a payout structure.  Following ideas received in May, your MC has done further work to boil the options down into a proposal that we intend to put to the AGM for a formal vote.  Before then, we would like to use the October Forum to gather any further feedback and ideas.

The main elements of the proposed payout structure are:
  • all adult membership categories eligible
  • at least three years continuous membership when golf formally ends
  • payout received by each person is based on a points system that is a multiple of:
    • subscription paid in final year of subscriptions
    • uplift for length of continuous membership:  10% for 11-20 years; 25% for 21+ years
  • ie the more subscription you pay, and the longer you’ve been a member, the more you receive

We look forward to welcoming you this Thursday 25th October at 7pm in the clubhouse.

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