A few weeks ago Martin Wathes challenged Darren Hodgson, our very own Pro to a putting competition with a difference. Any money raised would go to the Captains charity.

Martin would run the course, whilst Darren would walk it. Both had to pass through the white tees on every hole and when they reach the green, both had to putt from the front edge. For every one putt Darren made he had five minutes deducted from his time. For every putt over two, Martin had five minutes added to his time.

On a cold September morning at 7:20am on the day of the 3-Club Completion the two athletes were ready with putter and ball in hand.

Martin ran the course, including putting out, in 45 minutes 32 seconds. Darren walked the course, including putting out, in 1 hour 5 minutes and 57 seconds. The difference between them being 20 mins, 25 seconds. They both 1 putted one hole each, giving Darren 5 minutes back. Darren 3 putted four times and Martin 3 putted five times. Darren received no penalty for three putting but Martin had five minutes per three putt added making 25 minutes. Despite there only being one putt between them overall Darren won the event by nine mins 36 seconds, due to the five minute penalties imposed on Martin. Margaret Eynon won half of the money raised by guessing the winning difference and that Darren would be the winner.

Many thanks to all who helped donate £140 to the Captains charity.


Ladies Open 2020
24th April.

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