If you’d like to play competitive golf over the winter, as well as the Winter Challenge pairs competition, we have the Pimms Cup.

The Pimms Cup is a Men’s Stableford Competition with a full handicap allowance. There are five weekends, the first of which was the weekend of 27th October and the last of which is the weekend of 23rd February. Your best three scores count from the five rounds, so you don’t have to play in all five (tho obviously the more rounds you play the better chance of getting three good scores).

This is a scoring system where, rather than counting the total number of strokes taken, you score points based on your score against Par at each hole. Based on your net score (ie: your score with your handicap) each player scores one point for a net Bogey, two points for a Par, three points for a Birdie, four points for an Eagle and five points for an Albatross. Clearly the aim is to get as many points as possible.

How to enter
You’ll need a playing partner to mark your card and then just sign up in The Golf Reception when you play your first round, and then pay your entry fee each time you play.  You can see which weekends are Pimms Cup weekends in the first tee calendar or in your printed diary.

If you have any questions simply speak to Philip in the office, or Darren or Jon in your Golf Reception and they’ll do their best to help. Call 01865 554924.

Ladies Open 2020
24th April.

Entries now open

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