All nine rounds of 2018-19 Winter Challenge have now be played and so congratulations to the 16 pairs that have qualified for the knockout stage.

You can see further below how the qualifying pairs finished, and you can see here the draw for the first round of the knockout stage. Matches are better ball matchplay over 18 holes with 9/10th’s handicap allowance and sudden death if level after 18. The cut off date for completion of the first round is Monday 18th February, but please contact the Chairman of Competitions, Brian England or your Men’s Captain, Dave Dobson if you have any problems with meeting this deadline.


The first knockout round draw
  1. Barrow & Wharton v Oxendale & Bennett
  2. Johnson & Johnson v Dobson & Alder
  3. McWilliams & Henwood v England & Jason Riley
  4. Gurdev & Maloney v Black & Black
  5. D.Titcombe & Hyde-Linaker v D. Willoughby & East
  6. Cahill & Rob Jackson v Burrows & Burrows
  7. S.Wells & Howlett v Wilkinson & Danby
  8. Coleman & Cudd v Major & Lucas

Ladies Open 2020
24th April.

Entries now open

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