Thank you for your patience while we made the area around the 3rd fairway safe. The 3rd hole is back in full play.

We have given the fairways the first cut of the season and cut the semi rough around greens and tees.

Some members have been concerned with the damage caused to the fairways by the aeration work. These areas will recover quickly and the enormous benefit of getting oxygen and moisture to the roots will show very quickly. There is no quick or magic solution to the damaged caused to the fairways by last summer’s intense heat, this aeration work however is the best maintenance work we could wish to carry out at this time, and we are certain that it will help speed up the recovery.

The greens have been sprayed to strengthen the plant and we plan to lightly aerate the greens and dress them on Monday and Tuesday next week, please give the greens team priority while this vital work is carried out – thank you.

Ladies Open 2020
24th April.

Entries now open

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