We’re running a quiz night next Friday 29th March, prompt start at 7:30pm. It’s to be hosted by our very own Mick Teeling. Bring along your family and friends, as all ages are welcome (up to 8 in a team). £3 entry – cash only please. All proceeds will go to the Captains’ Charities. Sign up at the bar if you’d like to take part.

Here are some MORE sample questions:

  1. What were the names of the young lovers in the film Grease?
  2. What animal’s milk is Roquefort cheese made with?
  3. Waitrose supermarkets are part of a retail partnership headed by what famous London department store?
  4. Which of Scotland’s Lochs is the deepest?
  5. What items of wear were zips first use to fasten up
  6. If a male cat is a “tom,” what is a female cat?
  7. Which is closest to the equator – Singapore, Colombo or Rio de Janeiro
  8. Which bird lays the biggest egg in the world?
  9. What was David Beckham’s squad number in his first World Cup?
  10. How many films did Elvis Presley star in? (2 either way)

Come along to this fun evening and test your general knowledge.



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